A wet Dog House?

A hot tub is like a car, sometimes you have to look under the hood just to make sure everything is running smoothly.  Open up your Spa dog house! Yes it’s  called a dog house, but it’s not for your dog!

This is where the heart of your spa is located (pumps, heater, power, control system). You can save a lot of money just by looking to see if there are any leaks or corrosion at the pumps or power pack. There should be no signs of wetness at all in this area.   It’s very common to have a small leak a pump In between the motor and the thing (wet end) that the pipes are connected to. In there is called a shaft seal and over time this may fail and leak water.

If you catch it quick enough it’s a fix that can save you hundreds of dollars replacing your whole pump!  You may also suspect this little problem if you find that your spa water level is dropping a few inches a week. Seals at the heater and pump connections may also get brittle and cause a costly drip.   So take a look regularly under the hood of your Spa.  It may just need a tune up!


I have been working with pumps and water systems of all sorts since 1997. I want to be able to run a business that will provide an income for my family while at the same time keeping the company small enough that I can continue to treat my customers with respect and integrity. I am committed to giving my customers personal and friendly service.

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