Sometimes it’s not good to share

This time of year, remember to be very aware of any openings in your hot tub skirting that mice or even worse, Rats!, can get in. Not only will you be enjoying a relaxing time in your spa, but you will be sharing that warmth with the family of mice just a few short feet below you! Worst of all they will destroy your plumbing (they actually eat it) and electrical systems and cause hundreds, even thousands, of dollars worth of damage to your spa. Look around the perimeter of your hot tub and seal any openings. You can stuff small openings with steel wool – they don’t like it. It will be well worth your effort and investment. If you can’t seal up all the holes, you may have to go to a farm feed store and ask for the most humane way to deal with them. Mice and Rats are not good for your health either. If you do find that they have moved in, bringing all their extended family, you may need to call an exterminator. Do not touch or breathe in anything that you may suspect to be mouse droppings or a nest.


I have been working with pumps and water systems of all sorts since 1997. I want to be able to run a business that will provide an income for my family while at the same time keeping the company small enough that I can continue to treat my customers with respect and integrity. I am committed to giving my customers personal and friendly service.

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  1. Nice post! Your advices are pretty useful and mice/rats can really be an issue when it comes to plumbing and other parts of your hot tub as well!

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