About Blake

"Is that you, Bruce?"
“Is that you, Bruce?”

I have been working with pumps and water systems of all sorts since 1997.  For seven years I worked at Anderson Pump House in Battleford, Saskatchewan, installing and repairing all kinds of water systems, from residential water softeners to irrigation systems for golf courses and small towns.

We relocated to Chilliwack just in time for me to have a part in building our own Prospera Centre  (yes I did spray paint my name in some obscure places as we worked on the plumbing!).   After Prospera Centre was completed, I stuck around long enough to take the zamboni for a spin (bucket list – check!), and then joined the busy Hot Tub department at a Chilliwack plumbing company.

In 2008 both my wife and I took the leap into the interesting world of entrepreneurship, she opened an accounting firm and I started Mountain Hot Tub Repair Ltd.  It has been both scary and rewarding, but I have come to love the life style of being self employed.  I enjoy the freedom I have to spend time with customers and make sure they are getting the best value for their hard earned money.