About Us

Senior technician, Blake, has been working with pumps and water systems of all sorts since 1997.  For seven years he worked in Saskatchewan, installing and repairing all kinds of water systems, from residential water softeners to irrigation systems for golf courses and small towns.

He relocated to Chilliwack just in time to have a part in building our own Prospera Centre  and then joined the busy Hot Tub department at a Chilliwack plumbing company.  In 2008 he started Mountain Hot Tub Repair Ltd.

By 2019 it was time to start training an apprentice.  Enter Braeden Nasser.

Braeden, owner of Mountain Hot Tub Repair Ltd. since September 2022, is young, but not inexperienced in entrepreneurship. From a very young age he worked alongside his father, a successful self-employed machinist, and learned how to work productively, keep customers happy and enjoy the benefits of being a business owner.  He brings those skills with him, and Mountain Hot Tub Repair Ltd. will continue to make sure customers are getting the best value for their hard earned money.